Fat Tone Amps specialise in creating and building bespoke tube amps and preamps for harmonicas. With customised reverb and tremolo options available, our amps allow you to release your true tone. Watch demo videos here.
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When it comes to our bespoke amplifiers we are not an ‘off the shelf’ solution – we provide a tailored and custom-build service to every client, ours is a total design process that involves the customer in each stage of construction and final testing. Throughout the process, which can take up to three months to complete, we work face-to-face with our customer in a really committed, precise way to ensure that they can release their own true tone through the amp, adding distortions, customised reverb and tremolo and all modulated for each individual.

Like an exquisite, made to measure suit from Saville Row every Fat Tone Amp produced by David and the team chooses the best circuitry and components needed to enhance the tone and preference of the player and because of its bespoke configuration the amps are also easy to repair and adjust or add to through the company’s after care service.

If you are considering investing in an amp built exclusively for you, to your exacting needs, find out more about what’s involved in our amp consultation process by watching Liam Ward’s consultation video here.

If you’d like us to call you to discuss your bespoke amplifier needs, please use our Contact Us form, say you are interested in our bespoke service and we will get in touch.

Fat Tone Amps specialise in creating and building bespoke electronic amps for harmonicas.

No matter what amp you end up with, a Class A or Class AB model – we guide you in selecting the precise circuit, components and optional extras needed to enhance your tone as per your preference

Bespoke Circuitry and electronics - Fat Tone Amps specialise in creating and building bespoke electronic amps for harmonicas.

We help you experiment with different amp configurations, components and will produce the final circuit mounted on a custom built module plate and chassis and fixed into your cabinet

Finished Cabinet - Fat Tone Amps specialise in creating and building bespoke electronic amps for harmonicas.

Admire your perfect amp, finished in a solid pine finger jointed hand made cabinet, to create your unique harp amplifier – no compromises

Bring your Harp, Mic and Mojo

Experiment & Select your Sound

Then let us build your perfect Harp Amp – no compromises

When we were looking for inspiration to name our three amp models, Fat Tone Amps endorser Eddie Martin reminded us that Little Walter, the father of the modern amplified harp sound, created his style and tone to emulate the bebop sax players that he so admired. So it’s fitting that we have chosen to name our amps after three of the greatest sax players of that era.



Our flagship single-ten model is named after Coleman “Hawk” Hawkins.



Our single-twelve model is named after Lester Willis “Prez” Young.



Our twin-ten model is named after Charlie “Bird” Parker

We’ve chosen the names but the choice of circuit configuration including pre-amp, tone stack, speaker model and cab finish, is still up to you in consultation with us during your workshop visit where you’ll find your tone.

Bring your selection of harmonicas, mics and most importantly your musical mojo — work with us to build your perfect bespoke amp



All our customers are looking for that perfect marriage of tone and customised options to unleash their true sound as a hobby harp player right through to the experienced performing professional

Visit us and let’s work together to select the best circuit and components needed to enhance your tone as per your unique preference