Fat Tone Amps specialise in creating and building bespoke tube amps and preamps for harmonicas. With customised reverb and tremolo options available, our amps allow you to release your true tone. Watch demo videos here.
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Welcome the newest member of the Fat Tone Amps family,

the Fat Ball harmonica microphone

Introducing the Fat Ball – a custom designed microphone with volume control,

designed for harmonica players to get a deep controlled crunch with a sweet, full and fat tone.

Our mantra has always been “from diaphragm to diaphragm” and there are three in the amplified harp players arsenal: the one in your chest, the one in your microphone and the one in your speaker. We can’t do anything about the first one, our Fat Box preamp and our bespoke amplifiers take care of the end of the chain and NOW we can offer you what we believe is one of the finest hand-crafted amplified-style harmonica mics on the market today, to improve your sound and tone.


The heart of the Fat Ball mic is our Atom Element, designed and voiced specifically for amplified harp players by David Walker, the electronics wizard behind Fat Tone Amps. Not only an electronics guru, David is himself an amplified harmonica player with his own band so he understands the needs of the player. The shell of the mic has been designed in consultation with a group of harp players and went through several changes to arrive at the final design.


The Fat Ball features:

  • the Atom Element, designed and voiced specifically for amplified harp players
  • integral volume control with raised profile and position indicator for easy adjustment
  • integral jack connection – no protruding parts
  • mid-range size for comfort
  • comfortable weight – not too light or heavy
  • ergonomically shaped shell for easy grip
  • made from a tough non-slip material to withstand the rigours of gigging
  • brand colour scheme – red, gold and black to match the Fat Box harmonica preamp


The Fat Ball retails at £155 plus shipping and comes with a free padded gig pouch. It’s only available direct from us via the order button at the top of this page. We won’t arrange payment until after we have calculated the shipping but we reserve your microphone when your order form is received.


Watch the review videos below which have some good comparisons with well known mics and enjoy the videos sent to us by delighted customers.  When you’re ready, click the button at the top of the page to place your order and we will contact you once we have calculated the total charge. Thanks!