Fat Tone Amps | Fat Tone Amps specialise in creating and building bespoke tube amps for harmonicas.
Fat Tone Amps specialise in creating and building bespoke electronic amps for harmonicas. With customised reverb and tremolo options available, our amps allow you to release your true tone.
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Fat Tone Amps

Guarantee and Quality Control

The team at Fat Tone Amps have turned the construction and engineering of each amp and pre-amp into a pure art form.

Much like the music you will produce on them every Fat Tone Amp amplifier and pre-amp is made with only the best components and circuitry to exacting standards of design and superb production quality, honed over many years of expertise and practise. We make our amps one at a time for each individual client to ensure you get the best possible bespoke product for your investment and each Fat Box is hand built and hand wired with love the old fashioned way – no corners cut!

All our Fat Tone Amplifiers and pre-amps include: 

  • Specially designed transformers, wound here in UK specifically to meet the exact requirements of your amplifier’s power supply and output driver. The oversized transformers are the heart and soul of your amp and work in perfect partnership with the tubes to create a big fat round tone.
  • Modular circuits boards mounted on the highest quality materials to ensure maximum durability. The modular design is unique and allows for easy maintenance and modifications – if required.
  • Highest quality components including Sprague Atoms capacitors, FT Capacitors, Sprague Orange Drop, IC or Mallory 150 tone caps, phenolic sockets, switchcraft jacks and custom transformers.
  • All amplifiers are hand wired one at a time with the utmost attention to detail.  All component leads are straightened and cleaned before they are soldered to the modular circuits.
  • Values of components are increased in key areas to make the amplifier more responsive with all the bass and crunch a harp player needs. This process is carried out as part of the design phase on the bespoke amplifiers, to ensure you get the best tone possible from the finished amplifier.


All our Fat Tone Amplifiers include:

  • Solid, 3/4” hand-made pine finger jointed cabinet. The cabinet is constructed to ensure maximum resonance from your selected speaker driver – to enhance a full fat tone.
  • Jensen vintage speakers or you select your own driver.
  • Our amplifiers can be fitted with international power supplies to allow overseas customers to use them also.